Hodi Connections Management Platform. Connect Reliably, Securely & Cost-efficiently

Hodi Device Benefits

Detection of Abnormal Device Behavior

Hodi provides end-to-end detection of abnormal device behavior

Reliable Data Delivery

Hodi provides reliable end-to-end Data Delivery

Protection against Security Breaches

Hodi device provides end-to-end protection against security breaches

24/7 Technical Support

Hodi provides support when you need it day or night, weekend or holiday;  24/7 Technical Support

Protection against Cost Overages

Through use of Hodi Device your business is protected against cost overages

Faster GTM

Hodi device provides bespoke end-to-end solutions providing faster GTM

Global Scale

With Hodi Device you are able to scale up and reach a global audience.

Customer Experience

Hodi Device gives you and your clients the customer experience they deserve

The Solution

Key Attributes


  • Manage device lifecycle
  • Avoid high cost of DOA
  • Automate provisioning
  • Enables management by exception via automation rules
  • Sends alerts regarding deviations from standard behavior
  • Takes appropriate action based on rule violation


  • 24/7 device status
  • Make changes as needed
  • Detect problems quickly with near real-time visibility and monitoring of problem devices


  • Identify issues quickly
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Remotely diagnose and resolve issues with faster TATs
  • See historical trends in device behavior to enable predictive analysis
  • 24×7 meter “connection status”, usage monitoring and remote operations diagnostics


  • Automate routine tasks with business rules
  • Eliminate high cost of manual intervention
  • Multi-layered security controls to safeguard customer data, your devices and IT systems
  • Automation rules that de-activate devices based on security policy violation
  • Quarantine of devices that are out of compliance


  • Take automation to the next level
  • Integrate with your backend systems
  • Enables push and pull integration of data between internal systems
  • Ensures seamless integration
  • Reduces headcount and costs required for implementation


  • Real-time visibility of your costs
  • Instance access to your invoices
  • Enables automated usage monitoring and alignment with optimal rate plan
  • Lowers technical support costs by up to 58%
  • Eliminates resources and costs required for manual management and oversight


  • Protection against SIM misuse
  • IMEI whitelisting
  • Malware protection
  • Protection against Security Breach

Get Started with Hodi Device

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