Hodi Platform

Our platform allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept of your connected devices and thus rapidly scale your deployment.

Hodi IoT-A

Our IoT-Analytics allows you to anticipate & pre-empt disruptions, detect liabilities & mitigate risk and easily transform your business.

Our Digital Transformation Journey


We dedicate ourselves to understanding your needs and the context they arise from


We create a broad outlines of function and form of the solution including the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies.


We formulate a clearly-defined pathway and make decisions that support your most important goals.

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Our Verticals

Connected Cars

Using sensors and hardware such as OBD, Hodi provides end-to-end IoT solutions for automotive and related industries.

Transport & Logistics

Using sensors and hardware such as RFID readers, OBD, Hodi provides end-to-end IoT solutions for Transportation and logistics industry

Industry 4.0

Hodi provides end-to-end IoT solutions across the manufacturing industry using sensors , actuators, gateways, connectivity management etc


Hodi provides end-to-end IoT solutions across the agricultural sector providing livestock tracking, smart irrigation etc


Hodi provides bespoke end-to-end  IoT solutions depending on your needs giving your business an edge over the rest

Energy & Utilities

Hodi provides end-to-end IoT solutions across the energy value chain using sensors to capture data, actuators to control assets etc

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Our Team Constitutes

Electrical Engineers

Engineering Department


Software Department

IoT Pioneers

Innovations Department

The Hodi Team

Hodi has a great time engineers,developers and IoT pioneers with diverse skills but a common goal; to give our clients the best IoT solutions

About Us

Excellence in everything we do

Focused on You

Our solutions and products are fully tailored to your needs to ensure maximum productivity coupled with the highest customer benefit.We  promise to make IoT easy for you – from connections management to application & device management up until AI. Our focus, your success